07 December 2006

We have been through a few changes here, nothing monumental, but still noteworthy. For one thing I had created labels for the search engine that were inconsistent with the protocals that Google had intended. Nothing major really. For instance I had a label "Papal Documents," that I changed to "papal_documents," to be consistent with google's protocals. They seem to dislike uppercase letters and disapprove of spaces. Give unto Google what is Google's, I always say.

This is harder work than I thought at first. Changing a simple mistake is not a simple task.

Please try out the search engine BONA FIDES and let me know what you think. I'll be happy to add any links that you provide. Don't by reticent, if the sight you suggest is really off the wall I'll put it in "controversies" or even make a new label "really_off_the_wall."


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